Arlington, TX Real Estate

When it comes to finding affordable properties for families to rent or purchase outright, there are not many options in Texas that are as affordable as those found in Arlington real estate. This enables more than 300,000 residents to live as comfortably as possible, especially owing to the fact that the average cost of living here is also relatively low at approximately $58,000 per year.

Affordable Homes and Rentals

Unlike many other areas in Texas, Arlington real estate prices tend to be on the lower side, averaging at just $1,600 a month for a 4 bedroom rental. However, in many cases, low property purchase prices mean that it can sometimes be cheaper for families or even couples to purchase a home outright in this area, with the average mortgage running at $1,200 per month. Around 60% of properties are pet friendly here, so it may sometimes be a challenge finding a home that will be suitable for the average animal-loving family.

Low Unemployment and Serious Crime Rates

Unemployment rates in Arlington are relatively low, averaging at around the 4% mark. In addition, crime rates for most forms of offenses are marginally lower than those experienced in other parts of the country, making Arlington real estate one of the better options in the Texas area. With more than 100 schools serving Arlington and the immediate surrounds, it ensures that parents are able to provide the best possible options to their children with regards to education as well.
Arlington real estate should be on the list of every young couple and family who is looking for accommodation in an area that is friendly and affordable. The extensive array of amenities that are available for couples and families of all age ranges also ensure that living in Arlington is as convenient as possible.

Finding the Perfect Property in Arlington

Finding the perfect property can be difficult. 4,571 North Texas homes sold in less than 2 days last year.

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